Innovative Companies

Through my internship and schoolwork, I’ve learned more about several companies who have taken innovative approaches to solving problems in their communities. I’d like to highlight a few of them here. O-Town Kitchen O-Town Kitchen is a benefit corporation located in Ogden, Utah. On the surface, the company seems pretty basic- they make jam. However, … Continue reading Innovative Companies


Tailoring Conversations to Communities

How you approach conversations about sustainability and social responsibility will differ greatly depending on the community you live in. If you live in a community where most people are very supportive of sustainability initiatives, you can likely use the jargon used by the sustainability community without a problem. However, if you live in a more … Continue reading Tailoring Conversations to Communities

First Meeting

Come join us for our first meeting! We will be giving an overview of what Net Impact is and what our plans are for the next year. We will also be taking applications for our leadership team. When: Monday, March 20 @ 2pm Where: Bu C 207 Hope to see you there!